We will make it more difficult for us to carry out our intentions in the unlikely event that you reveal any abuse of your information. It is possible to register a complaint quickly if you discover that any part of your system is deleting your data, so that the proper steps may be performed. Any component found to be harmful to the security framework may be categorised in a similar manner. The growth of our partnerships will be aided by our actions.

Here at RishtaMubarak.com, privacy and security are of the highest concern to us. We will not allow any type of information misuse or abuse in our firm. Please notify us immediately if you believe our website has harmed your privacy or safety in any way. Don't be scared to speak up against any form of harassment that another member is doing.

RishtaMubarak.com is completely in favour of taking severe legal action against those who infringe on the privacy and safety of others. If it is reported that a member has been abusive against other users, we will immediately and without prior warning remove their access to our services.