Rishta Mubarak will not refund any money to any member save in the case of a mistake made by Rishta Mubarak.

Detailed information about the return policy of www.rishtamubarak.com may be found here. Our refund policy is implied when you accept our terms and conditions while signing up for an account with Rishta Mubarak.

When a member has paid in full and subsequently decides to take advantage of a lower-priced offer or promotion, refunds are not allowed. Since your ip address is recorded and we have the ability to prohibit your account on this basis, you cannot cancel your membership and buy a cheaper subscription.

Any member who decides they no longer want to use Rishta Mubarak will not be reimbursed by Rishta Mubarak. It is impossible to offer a partial or full refund for any subscription that a member uses or does not use. In the event that a user decides to cancel their subscription, they are not entitled to a reimbursement of any kind.

In order to avoid being billed again after the initial purchase, it is necessary for you to cancel your membership before the planned re-bill date. If you don't cancel your membership before then, we have the right to withhold any payments you've made to us as a result of your mistake.

If you've made a mistake with a payment, you can:

Within 14 days of the initial refund request, refunds will be processed and granted.

These rules, if broken, will result in a lifetime ban from the www.rishtamubarak.com without a refund. Please read them carefully.

The www.rishtamubarak.com will instantly and without reimbursement prohibit anybody under the age of 18 who is found to be using it, and your IP address will be blocked.

The only purpose of joining Rishta Mubarak is to locate a spouse, unless you are a parent/wali who has signed up on behalf of a child with the kid's knowledge and permission. Your account cannot be transferred to another person or organisation under any circumstances.

Prior to disclosing anybody else's private information that was given to you by another member of Rishta Mubarak, you promise to keep it private and secret and acquire their permission first.

Your information will not be shared with legal players, the police, lawyers, or any other government or legal agency for the resolution of an investigation if you try to solicit money or any other financial help from any user you meet on this site.

The Rishta Mubarak site or any of its users will not be harmed by any viruses or programmes you upload or disseminate.

You won't be creating a slew of new accounts just to keep track of everything.

In no way will you post or send anything in any chat room that promotes dangerous or illegal ideas and/or actions.

On your profile and through chat, you will not post anything that is sexually harassing or racially offensive. You will not participate in or encourage anyone else to participate in any illegal or immoral acts. If necessary, such actions may be investigated and penalised.

Please refrain from sending unsolicited bulk mailings and chain letters to any member. Please also refrain from sending any promotional materials to other members, including requests for them to sign up for other websites or any other means through which products and services may be purchased.

Not only are you not allowed to gather members' personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers but you are also not allowed to acquire financial or personal information.

Within 24 hours, all new profiles are approved, and any suspicious or false profiles will be refused with a lifetime ban and no compensation.

Abuse of workers will not be tolerated in any form and will result in a lifetime suspension without pay.