Terms and Conditions

(1)Registration charges/processing fees/membership charges are neither refundable nor transferable in any condition.

(2)Processing charges collected from clients are for day to day processing of clients profile.

(3)Rishtamubarak work as a facilitator in searching life partner /soul mate for our clients,however does not give any guarantee neither we have any responsibility of clients marriage.

(4)if at any time RISHTA MUBARAK comes to the opinion(In its sole discretion)or has any reason to believe that you are not eligible to become a member,or that you have made any misrepresentation about your eligibility, RISHTA MUBARAK.com reserve the rights to forthwith terminate your membership and/or your right to use the service, without any refund to you of any of your unutilized subscription fee.

(5)The premium members shall be entitled to view /receive only limited verified contact numbers depending on the type of membership they have availed.

(6)You may terminate your membership at any time for any reason by writing to RISHTA MUBARAK.com.In the event you terminate your membership you will not be entitled to any unutilized subscription fees.

(7)You are solely responsible for the content that you put on or display (hereinafter "post" or "submitted")on the RISHTA MUBARAK.com services or on rishtamubarak.com site or transmit to other rishtamubarak.com members.RISHTA MUBARAK.com reserve the right to verify the authenticity to the content posted on the site.In Exercising this right RISHTA MUBARAK.com may ask you to provide any documentary or other form of evidence supporting the content you posted on the site/submitted in the office.If you fail to produce such evidence,RISHTA MUBARAK.com may in its sole discretion,terminate your membership without refund.

(8)By becoming a member of RISHTA MUBARAK.com and/or using the services of the site,You unconditionally and Irrevocably confirmed that you have read the above provisions and agree to abide by them.

(9)Our(RISHTA MUBARAK.com)duties include providing 80% to 120% matching profile to client for marriage.Fixing their marriage is the sole decision of client or their parents.

(10)Preference will be given to client according to the membership package and not according to clients status.

(11)RISHTA MUBARAK may record your call for quality maintenance purpose,please speak accordingly while speaking with rishtamubarak executives.

(12)RISHTA MUBARAK can share Clients Detail & Photographs with other Clients/Parents of the Clients/ or Associates of Rishtamubarak.com to accelerate the Process of match-making.

(13)Once the match is fix by RISHTA MUBARAK personalise match making team,the remaining balance shall be paid within seven days of match fixing.Failing which A legal notice shall be issued and the remaining balance shall be recovered including Advocate charges and court fee.

(14)Any dispute subject to Mumbai jurisdiction,Exclusively in India.

(15)RISHTA MUBARAK.com reserve the right to accept or reject any profile without assigning any reason.

(16)It is the Duty & Responsibility of Clients to do detail investigation of the given profile before fixing marriage.Rishtmubarak can not held responsible in whatsoever for any act or omission on its part.

(17)The Members Should be punctual in attending the meeting fixes by Rishtamubarak Team with prior appointment.This will not cause any undue hardship to the parties concern,

(18)First introductory meeting will be held by Rishtamubarak at its Office or any preferred Location,once introduced,it is compulsory for our clients to Prior inform us about any future meeting and day to day progress of the case.

(19)The Clients of Rishtamubarak can not share their contact details among them self during meetings without prior permission from Rishtamubarak Office/Representative/Executive.This form and details given are property of Rishtamubarak head office.

Whatever Information I/We have given to the Rishtamubarak.com is true to the best of my/our knowledge.I have read and agree with the terms & conditions.