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1. Why should I register?

⇒ Rishtamubarak.com is a matrimonial website committed to help members find their ideal matches. Users will have variety of choices to browse thousands of eligible profiles posted on the portal to find suitable profiles in the quickest possible time. The website is built to give maximum user friendly features so as to ensure accuracy of information provided and satisfaction for the users.

2. What is Profile ID?

⇒ Profile ID is an identification number which is system generated and Unique. This is given to the each profile for their identification and it will be starting with "SM" eg: SM000000. This Profile ID will be used to refer all correspondence with the website.

3. Can I choose my own PROFILE ID?

⇒ No, you can't choose your own Profile ID. Every Profile ID is unique and it is system generated.

4. Can two members have the same Profile ID ?

⇒ Profile ID identifies each person uniquely. Under no circumstance two people can have the same Profile ID. . So there will be no duplication in the Profile ID.

5. How do I Login ?

⇒ Under the "Members Login" section, type your 'Profile ID / Email' and 'Password'. Then click the "Login" button. You are now logged in to Rishtamubarak.com.

6.I forgot my ID / Password.How should I retrieve it ?

⇒ Click the "Forgot Password" link beside Login button in the header and enter your e-mail address provided when registering with the site. We will immediately mail your ID and new password to login.

7. Can I change my Password?

⇒ Of course, you can. To change the password:

⇒ Login with your Profile ID / Email ID and password.

⇒ After login, click "Change password." in "My home page".

⇒ Enter your current rc drone password.

⇒ Enter your new password and confirm it. Click 'Submit'. Your password is now changed.

8.How do I register / create profile and become a member?


To register as a member you need to click on "Register for Free" in the Home page. At the time of registering, members need to furnish their mandatory details under some categories covering information on,

Personal Details


Social-Religious Background

Qualification and Occupation

Family Details

Other Information

Partner Preferences

Primary Preferences

Origin Preferences

Education and Career Preferences

Social-Religious Preferences Note: Members can upload photos free.

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May i know ur procedure & ur terms condition.how u work ?

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